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SLA100 Executive

The Light Aircraft Company Ltd, Hangar 4 Little Snoring Airfield, Little Snoring Norfolk NR21 0JL
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Side-by-side two-seat high-wing monoplane with conventional three-axis control. Wings have unswept leading edges, swept forward trailing edges and tapering chord; conventional tail. Pitch control by elevator on tail; yaw control by fin-mounted rudder; roll control by ailerons. Wing braced by struts from below; wing profile Clark Y-type; 100% double-surface. Undercarriage has three wheels in tricycle formation; Compression spring suspension on mainwheels and bungee suspension on nosewheel. Push-right go-right nosewheel steering connected to aerodynamic controls. Hydraulic disc brakes on main wheels. Tube-and-fabric construction with composite panels. Engine mounted below wing, driving tractor propeller.

External dimensions and areas
Length overall 5.72m. Height overall 2.26m. Wing span 9.69m. Chord at root 1.57m, chord at tip 1.34m. Dihedral 1.2°. Sweepback N/A°. Main wing area 14.1m2.. Aileron area N/A. Fin area 0.4m2. Rudder area 0.46m2. Elevator area 0.92m2. Tailplane area 1.08m2. Aspect ratio 6.66/1. Wheel track 1.6m. Wheelbase 1.4m. Wheel dia overall N/A.

Power plant
Rotax 912S engine, liquid-cooled. Max power 100hp at 5600rpm. Woodcomp Classic 3-blade propeller, 1.58m diameter x 18° pitch. Gear drive reduction, ratio 2.26/1. Power per unit area 7.09hp/m2. Fuel capacity 98 litre.

Weights and loadings
Empty weight 268kg. Max take-off weight 450kg (472.5 with BRS System). Payload 182kg. Max wing loading 31.91kg/m2. Max power loading 4.50kg/hp. Load factors +4, -2 recommended, +6, -3 ultimate.

Max level speed 110mph. Never exceed speed 119mph. Economic cruising speed 85mph. Stall speed 38mph. Max climb rate at sea level 860ft/min. Min sink rate 600ft/min at 68mph. Best glide ratio with power off N/A/1 at 60mph. Takeoff distance to clear 15m obstacle 66m on grass. Landing distance to clear 15m obstacle 202m on grass. Service ceiling 10,000ft. Range at average cruising speed N/A. Noise level N/A.