Carrying on a timeless tradition

Does the Classic biplane inspire you to fly, but the cost of flying such a beast bring you down to earth with a bump? Then the Sherwood Ranger is the aircraft for you. A Sporting Biplane which offers an open cockpit adventure like no other. The Sherwood Ranger represents the essence of true aviation. The wind in the wires and beat the engine brings back the thrill and sense of adventure of the glory days of aviation. In those golden days of open cockpits the pilot could feel at one with their machine, heeding the song of the wind in the wires and feeling the aircraft talk to them. Open cockpits are the domain of the true aviation enthusiast.

The Sherwood Ranger offers day VFR flight capability and STOL performance from hard, grass and unprepared strips. It’s rugged and durable fuselage crafted in Norfolk from aircraft grade aluminium tube and steel provides its occupants with a high level of comfort and safety. The traditional tailwheel undercarriage deals with the rigours of less than perfect runways whilst it’s steerable tailwheel and differential brakes providing superb ground handling.

The Sherwood Ranger flight controls are without a doubt a benchmark in the industry. Whilst conventional in layout of a balanced design combination of rudder and ailerons coupled with powerful elevator offer handling and precision second to none. Powered by modern aircraft engines from 65 to 100 hp the performance and economy can be selected to meet your mission requirements.