The quintessential versatile go anywhere aircraft

Available in tail or nosewheel configurations with outstanding performance abilities, side-by-side seating in a 44 inch wide and spacious cockpit, fully adjustable seats and loads of headroom, it is unique in the industry. The Scout is a rugged yet refined aircraft coming from a fine heritage of high-quality aircraft. Aircraft industry standard 4130 Chrome Moly steel tube, CNC machined and welded in the UK by British craftsman is used in addition to aircraft grade aluminium and components. A wide range of aircraft engines ranging from 80 to 160 hp can be fitted to let you choose the performance versus operating cost combination that is right for you.

Whether you are operating from a paved airfield, greenfield or farm strip the Scout has the capability to get you where you want to go. The 500l cargo bay will haul what you need for that backwoods fishing trip or sortie into Europe for lunch and a bit of shopping. The Scouts will harmonised three axis flying controls with well balanced conventional ailerons and highly effective flaps make for relaxed flying. When it’s time to come back down-to-earth the Sherwood Scout has a two minute wing found for hangerage and five minutes is all that is needed to load onto the trailer and head for home….. saving on expensive storage.

The Sherwood Scout can trace its heritage back to the dawn of volume Kitplanes construction in the early 1980s. Today, UK production embodies significant advances after years of refinement.

New horizons and places to visit can be opened up, no longer are unprepared 200 meter strips out of bounds, they are now what you could be looking for, allowing you to add a new dimension to your passion for aviation… the spirit of adventure, where runways are optional. A well proven performer, the Sherwood Scout is an easy to fly aircraft that guarantees many years of satisfaction and great ownership experience whilst being eight sound investment that will keep a very high retail value after years of service.

The Sherwood Scout embodies key features that make it one of the benchmark two seat light aircraft available today. The incredible visibility, robust landing gear and high lift wings that incorporate three stage flaps and highly effective ailerons that make it possibly one of the sturdiest, but docile aircraft on the market today.