Sherwood KUB

If you are the kind of aviator likes to be in control of your own destiny then the Sherwood KUB is for you. Falling into the UK single seat de-regulated (SSDR) category, the Sherwood KUB allows you to bypass the bureaucracy and just get on with flying. The SSDR category requires only a Microlight license medical and insurance. The rest is down to you. The Sherwood KUB is probably the only UK manufactured fully enclosed cockpit full three axis SSDR available on the market today that is available in either factory built or kit form constructed from 4130 Chrome Moly aircraft steel tube and quality aircraft components, it has a maximum takeoff weight of up to 300 kg.

The KUB can be powered by engines up to 50 HP which makes it a sparkling performer that gets in and out of incredibly small strips and sips fuel. It’s full size spacious cockpit has great headroom and outstanding visibility, so whether you are just having a bimble around the patch or doing some strip to strip touring, the KUB just ticks all the boxes. And when you are done flying, the KUB’s party trick is a two minute Wingfold (without disconnecting any flying controls) and less than five minutes to load onto a road transport trailer… The fastest wing fold in the business.