TLAC Aircraft Care


TLAC Aircraft Care products are specially formulated to provide a gentle but thorough cleaning action on the surfaces of your aircraft. You wouldn’t use harsh household cleaning products on your car, and now there is no need to on your pride and joy. Care has been taken to blend high quality raw materials to create powerful and effective products that lift tenacious soiling quickly and easily and provide long lasting protection, improving the appearance, enhancing the safety and protecting your investment in your aircraft.

ACP017 Leading Edge

Leading edge is THE cleaner to remove ingrained dirt, soiling and BUGS from your aircraft. Leading Edge is not alkali, it contains no solvents or caustic, it is a next generation polymer cleaning product. Simply apply, allow 60 to 90 seconds contact time and wipe off with the Microfibre cloth, if it dries out in that time simply re-wet and wipe off. When cleaning transparencies rinse after cleaning to remove any residue. Supplied in 750ml lockable trigger packs with one soil removal HD Microfibre cloth


CAVOK is a quick and easy cleaner-polish formulated for aircraft plastics, acrylics and polycarbonates. This unique product removes dirt and soiling from aircraft windscreens and other opaque and transparent plastics leaving behind a protective anti-static coating that resists re-soiling. CAVOK safe and easy to apply, its trigger spray applicator eliminates expensive and dangerous aerosols and the flammable propellants that they contain. Supplied in 500ml lockable trigger packs with 2 Microfibre cloths specifically for screens

ACP008 Touch ‘n’ Go

The perfect product for aircraft owners with limited access to water or time. Touch ’n’ Go’s 3 phase formulation safely lifts dirt and grime whilst leaving behind a protective layer of hydrophilic wax. Touch ‘n’ Go can change a drab and dirty appearance into a clean shiny aircraft without a drop of water. Supplied in 7500ml lockable trigger packs with 2 soil removal HD Microfibre cloths

ACP014 Slip Stream

Slip Stream offers aircraft owners long lasting protection, preserving paintwork. The premium blend of Carnauba and performance boosting polymers delivers amazing results and leaves paintwork brilliant and reflective. This custom formula gives easy on easy off application leaving no dusty residue. Supplied in 500ml flip top packs with Polisoft polishing cloths

ACP020 Pre Flight

Soiling and stains do not have to become a permanent feature on your aircraft interior. Unlike ordinary household cleaners TLAC Pre Flight lifts stubborn contamination without damaging or discolouring the surface and leaves no sticky residue to attract fresh dirt. Supplied in 500ml lockable trigger packs with five soil removal Microfibre cloths

ACP050 Hydra Sham

Super size and super soft synthetic chamois, in its own carry case, super absorbent and easy to wring out. each.

All of the above are available direct from TLAC, from Pooleys Flight Equipment or from your local airfield shop, if you have difficulty obtaining any of these products please give us a call or drop us an e mail.