Oratex Hotmelt Adhesive 50ml

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Oratex Hotmelt Adhesive 50ml

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Oratex Hotmelt Adhesive 50ml

The ORATEX® DISPERSION HOTMELT ADHESIVE is a revolutionary product which is patented worldwide. It works without the unpleasant smell of solvents which one does know from conventional adhesives. The ORATEX® DISPERSION HOTMELT ADHESIVE is applied to the structure to be covered and onto those parts of the covering which are to be ironed onto the structure. For applying you can use either a synthetic fibre brush or a spray gun. When the adhesive has dried you can iron the covering onto the airframe. If you have no more time, you can do it tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, or whenever you have time.
To become used to the processing we recommend to carry out a sample adhesion on a test piece. Steel surfaces need to be prepared before applying the adhesive to prevent corrosion. Aluminum surfaces need to be treated with an aluminum primer. For all our processing recommendations we assume a surface capable of bearing.

The ORATEX® Dispersion Hotmelt Adhesive must be used within 3 months from delivery date.

Protect from sunlight, storage at +5°C to +25°C.

To avoid agglomeration please filter the glue before use!

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