Oratex 6000 – No Backside Coating

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Oratex 6000 – No Backside Coating

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Oratex 6000 – No Backside Coating

Oratex is a pre coloured aircraft covering system which is water based and solvent free
Oratex represents a major breakthrough in aircraft fabric covering systems. It is currently certified for use in Europe and Canada
Oratex comes ready to use with everything built in. It doesn’t need any sealer, any primer, any UV protection and no paint. In fact, it needs no coatings at all!

Oratex fabric comes in two varieties. Both fabrics are made from modified polyester, the difference is the weight and strength.
Oratex UL600 is for use on aircraft with a gross weight up to 600kg whilst Oratex 6000 can be used on aircraft that weigh as much as 6000kg.
Because both fabrics are extremely lightweight, builders of light aircraft often choose Oratex 6000 for the added strength and toughness because they still know they will save a significant amount of weight over more traditional systems.
Some colour options are available “with coating”. This coating is applied to the backside of the fabric and reduces the transparency as well as increasing the UV stability.

-NO dope
-NO need to colour paint
-NO sanding
-NO hazardous fumes
-NO risk of fire and explosion
-Lightest “ready-to-fly” aircraft fabric worldwide
-Airworthy off the delivery roll
-Solvent free working environment
-Optimal shrinking characteristics
-Certification: does not burn (DIN EN ISO 6941)
-On field repair
-Quality “Made in Germany”
Worldwide patented
-Reduces your covering workload by approximately 50 %
-Cuts aircraft covering time in half

Additional information

Weight 1 kg


Fabric Width (mm)

1800, 900

Oratex Colour

Black, Cub Yellow, Fokker Red, Light Grey, Olive Drab, Sky Blue, White