C42 OEM High Capacity Battery (Black)

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C42 OEM High Capacity Battery (Black)

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Comco Gel batteries are factory-activated, supplied pre-charged and require no acid-filling to commission. They are premium ready-to-use high performance battery, with 250 CCA, the Comco GEL offers greater charge-cycle performance over AGM and SLA batteries of same case size, particularly suited light aircraft and microlight use. Offering 30% more starting performance than conventional batteries, with great starting reliability and longevity all year round. Comco GEL are completely maintenance-free and offer incredible vibration resistance.

Premium Performance Sealed Comco GEL battery
Supplied pre-charged
Utilises real gel electrolyte
Completely maintenance-free
Totally sealed
Mountable in tilted position (max 90°)
Gel improves plate coverage and performance
Robust and vibration resistant
Ready for immediate use
Quick and easy installation
Requires no acid handling
Low self-discharge
Reliable starting

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