THE RANGER ST (Microlight)

Definition of a Microlight is a 450kg 2 seat aircraft with a stall speed of less than 35 knots.

Tandem two-seat tail dragger biplane
Wings – constant-chord unstaggered and swept
Tail – conventional
Flight controls – Pitch control by elevator on tail; yaw control by fin-mounted rudder; roll control by four Frise-type ailerons.
Wing bracing – wings braced by I-shaped interplane struts and steel flying and landing wires
Landing gear – Undercarriage has three wheels in tail dragger formation bungee suspension on main wheels, bungee suspension on steerable tailwheel
Ground handing via steerable tailwheel, rudder and differential cable-operated brakes.
Construction aluminum tube, wood and fabric
Fuselage mounted engine driving tractor propeller.

Crew 2
Day VFR only
Wingspan 7.92 m 26 feet
Length 6.1 m 20 feet
Height 2.24 m 7.35 feet
Wing area 15.6 sq m 168 sq feet
Wing loading 28.8kg m² 5.9lbs per sq foot
Dihedral 3 degrees
Sweep back 3.8 degrees
Max Take Off Weight 450kg 990lbs
Empty weight (option dependant) 240kg 528lbs

Power unit options:-
D Motor 93hp four stroke flat four side valve multi point fuel injected FADEC
Rotax 582 2 cylinder 2 stroke water cooled
Jabiru 2200 85hp 4 cylinder overhead valve air-cooled carburetted and self sustaining ignition


G limits +4 -2
VNE 100mph 160kph 87knts
Cruise 75mph 120kph 65knts
Stall speed 38mph
Fuel capacity 41l
Fuel burn (typical D Motor) 12 l/h
(typical Jabiru ) 13.5 l/h
(typical Rotax 582) 16 l/h
Climb rate Solo up to 1450 ft/min Dual 800 ft/min
Take off roll 100 m
Landing roll 100 m
Power to weight ratio D Motor 0.21kg/hp Jabiru 0.18kg/hp Rotax 582 0.14kg/hp

Range at average cruising speed 200 miles.
Noise level N/A. (engine dependant)



Factory built airframe completed in Alodined drawn aluminum tube and 4130 steel tube and covered in Oratex UL600 single colour fuselage single colour wings and tailplane with contrasting registration markings.
Composites painted single colour in Oratex Elastic paint.
Suspension dual bungee
Landing and flying wires in galvanised steel
Brakes, rear cockpit heal brakes, operating independent drum brakes
Wing walk for front cockpit with anti slip surface, rear cockpit toe hole and step.


Basic 4 point harnesses front and rear with shoulder and waist adjusters and press button release.
Stitched and pleated Connolly leather seat cushions, backrest and headrest cushion.
Throttle lever in front and rear cockpit with friction adjustment
Trim lever with friction adjuster

Avionics and electrical

Instrument panel rear cockpit only with “Winter” ASI, Alt, slip ball, compass
MGL multi function engine Instrument.
Gel battery
Jabiru :- 200 w generator 1.1 kW starter
D Motor:- 25 amp alternator, 1.1 kW starter motor
Circuit breakers

Firewall forward

Jabiru 2200 85hp 4 cylinder overhead valve air-cooled carburetted and self sustaining ignition and stainless steel exhaust system
D Motor 2.7 litre water cooled flat four multipoint fuel injected side valve engine as standard, stainless steel exhaust system.
Rotax 582 2 cylinder water cooled 2 stroke, oil injected
Stainless steel firewall
Proprietary ECU and data logging system with D Motor
Andair fuel valve and gascolator
Fire sleeve covering on all fuel and oil lines
Wooden 2 blade airscrew with urethane leading edge single colour tip and black reverse
Composite spinner assembly
other engines on application.


Full 2 place cockpit cover with fastenings
Custom paint scheme
Oil access door kit
Ground charging / jump start socket
Tail strobe
Wing tip strobe mouldings fitted and painted
Wing strobe system with marker lights for wings
Tundra tyres
Wing storage locker
Standard harnesses
Deluxe harnesses
Front control panel with ASI, Alt, Slip ball
Steerable tailwheel
Trig Radio with harness and antenna
Trig Transponder with harness and antenna
Electrical harness and antenna system suitable for Icom
Intercom system suitable for Icom
Overhead reserve fuel tank with dump valve
Transport trailer