Sherwood Ranger XP Aero

The prime difference between the Sherwood Ranger XP and the Sherwood Ranger XP Aero is that the Aero is cleared for single seat basic aerobatics. The XP Aero is still a 2 seat aircraft enabling you to fly with a partner or friend to an airfield, then allow you to fly basic aerobatics single seat from the rear P1 position.

Tandem two-seat taildragger biplane
Wings – constant-chord unstaggered and swept
Tail – conventional
Flight controls – Pitch control by elevator on tail; yaw control by fin-mounted rudder; roll control by four Frise-type ailerons.
Wing bracing – wings braced by I-shaped interplane struts and steel flying and landing wires
Landing gear – Undercarriage has three wheels in taildragger formation bungee suspension on main wheels, bungee suspension on steerable tailwheel
Ground handing via steerable tailwheel, rudder and differential cable-operated brakes.
Construction aluminium tube, wood and fabric
Fuselage mounted engine driving tractor propeller.

External dimensions and areas

Length overall 6.1m, 20ft
Height overall 2.24m, 7.3ft
Wing span 7.0m, 22.75ft
Constant chord 1.0m, 3.3ft.
Dihedral 3° (lower wing only).
Sweepback 3.8°.
Total wing area 14m², 140ft².
Aspect ratio 7.92/1.
Wheel track 1.34m, 4.40ft.
Wheelbase 3.65m, 12ft.
Main wheels dia. Overall 33cm, 13in.
Tailwheel dia. Overall 20cm, 8in.

Power plant

D Motor 93hp four stroke flat four side valve multi point fuel injected FADEC
Rotax 582 2 cylinder 2 stroke water cooled
Jabiru 2200 85hp 4 cylinder overhead valve air-cooled carburetted and self sustaining ignition

Fuel capacity 43lt, 9.5 Imp gal., 11.3 US gal.

Weights and Loadings

Empty weight 182kg, 400lbs. (Builder and engine dependant)
Max. take off weight 450kg, 992lb. Payload 268kg, 590lbs.
Load factors, +6, -4 ultimate.


Max. level speed 80mph.
Never exceed speed 100mph.
Economic cruise speed 70mph.
Stall speed 40mph.
Max. climb rate at sea level 800ft/min. (engine dependant)
Landing distance to clear 15m obstacle on grass N/A.
Service ceiling N/A.
Range at average cruising speed 200 miles.
Noise level N/A. (engine dependant)