Oratex Training Days

The Light Aircraft Company run 4 courses a year on the market leading aircraft covering system Oratex. It is a full day course with a maximum of 5 people to ensure that a high level of instructor time is available for people under training, the day starts promptly at 9am and finishes at 5pm.

Oratex has become a benchmark covering system which eliminates all of the problems associated with the old legacy covering materials, it is widely accepted by the LAA and BMAA as a go to product, it also has a wide range of STC’s for EASA aircraft and gliders. The thought of recovering an aircraft normally strikes fear into aircraft owners, taking them out of their comfort zone on skills, concerns about health dealing with toxic chemicals, having to apply 8 or 9 coats of dangerous chemicals by brush or spray and leaving their aircraft overweight with layers of paint, dope and sealants…… Oratex eliminates all of those concerns and more.

The basic syllabus covers:-

Understanding the Oratex covering manual
Tools of the trade
Key features, advantages and benefits of the Oratex product range
Adhesive bond strength and testing
Airframe preparation (wood, aluminium, steel and composite)
Fabric preparation
Bonding fabric to airframe
Covering areas of double curvature
Shrinking the fabric to tension
Application of tapes
Application tips and tricks
Care and maintenance of fabric

A buffet lunch is provided.

The cost for the day is £150 plus VAT, this charge is rebated on purchases over £2500 plus VAT