Since the start of The Light Aircraft Company Ltd we have been committed to the design, development, manufacture and maintenance of light aircraft ensuring safety, quality, and innovation.

Along the way twists and turns have created challenges and opportunities to grow our range of aircraft, aviation related products and level of services we can offer to General Aviation and improve the flying experience of pilots around the world.

Our Vision is to become a global supplier of quality engineered light aircraft which incorporate safety, performance, style and value for money. We continue to innovate in both production methods, materials and airframe design. Continuous improvement and rigorous testing ensures that when you buy a TLAC aircraft you are not merely taking up a hobby but you are buying into a whole new lifestyle.

Our Maintenance Mission is clear, to provide the best service and support to our owners, to ensure that they can with confidence enjoy their aircraft with friends and family travelling or touring, with the confidence that their aircraft is meticulously maintained, and that they are fully compliant with EU regulations.

Our core values are integrity, passion, innovation and safety.

We have come a long way but in many ways we have just taken off.