8.33, got it fitted then read the manual

  • The changeover to 8.33 IS underway, DO NOT get caught out
  • Ground stations are changing their frequencies as their licences are renewed
  • Some ground stations will be accessed on 25kHz spacing frequencies and other will be on 8.33 channel ID’s

Before each flight

  • Check AIP supplement: TRANSISTION OF FREQUENCY ASSIGNMENTS TO 8.33 to see if any ground stations you plan to visit, or transit are on new codes
  • Search NATS UK supplement Index and identify the latest update. (S009/2018 at the time of this new brief)
  • Check that your radio is set to 8.33 spacing and that frequencies and channel identifiers can be accessed*.

Check out CAA Guidance


*The ICOM IC-A220 can operate only in either 8.33 or 25kHz spacing mode, if you own one make sure you know how to switch between modes. (Identifiers stored in database can be in either format.)