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With so much going on, all of it newsworthy and all of it of interest to prospective builders, builders and Sherwood Ranger owners we thought the best way to get to the pages would be to have a dedicated News and Updates Page so click on this link to get directly there.


Where to buy your Sherwood Ranger aircraft


Visit our Distributors page to find you dedicated Distributor, if there is no Distributor listed for your country please contact us directly.



Exclusive Distributor Opportunities Available


With kit production well established The Light Aircraft Company Ltd is seeking exclusive Distributors in some countries. If you currently service the the experimental / LSA / kitplane market, or it is a market you want to enter and feel the Sherwood Ranger ST, XP and soon to be launched XP Aero would suit your market then please contact us :- sales@g-ltac.com

OUV support Sherwood Ranger kit build in Germany


During the recent Aero show in Friedrichshafen The Light Aircraft Company had discussions with the OUV of Germany about providing support to German aviators who want to build Sherwood Rangers.


TLAC were delighted to come away from that meeting with the understanding that the OUV would be pleased to welcome and work with builders of Sherwood Ranger kits. The OUV straplines of "Traeumen. Bauen. Fliegen" Dream. Build. Fly.and "Alles ist moeglich" Everything is possible fits in with the TLAC philosophy and we look forward to working with them on new builds. This means that aviators in Germany now have the choice of buying a factory built aircraft from Lanitz Aviation or following the self-build route with the flexability and options which that route allows.


TLAC Exhibit Sherwood Ranger at Friedrichshafen 2011




The Sherwood Ranger will be in Hall B1 at Friedrichshafen Aero Expo in April 2011, this will be the third time we have shown the aircraft at this venue. The Aero Expo show has always been highly successful for us and we hope that despite the economic slow down 2011 will be a great year. Our distributor for the aircraft Lanitz Aviation will be there to meet and greet customers and we should be able to give a progress report as to the approval process of the Sherwood Ranger for the German 472.5kg standard.


TLAC Exhibit Sherwood Ranger at Popham 2011 April 30th and May 1st


Following on in quick succession from Friedrichshafen we will be exhibiting at the Microlight show at Popham, once again our third appearance at this show and lf the weather holds good then we will have a great show.


TLAC Exhibit Sherwood Ranger at Blois 2011 3rd and 4th September


2010 saw the Sherwood Ranger in the Vol Moteur, the French magazine servicing the ULM industry, the presence of the Sherwood Ranger in a single issue resulted in a huge amount of enquiries from the French aviation community and as a result we have decided to push the boat out and show the aircraft at the preeminent exhibition. This year will see the Sherwood Ranger both on static display and in the air for the first time in France.


TLAC at SPLASH 201126th and 27th November 2011


2011 will be the forth time for the Sherwood RAnger to be exhibited at The Flying Show, formerly known as SPLASH. It has always been a great show for us and we have no doubt that despite the economic climate it will be another great show. We will hopefully have our XP demonstrator to an advanced stage for showing and some interesting news on the engine front.


TLAC Showcase at SPLASH 2008



See the Sherwood Ranger and SSDR Sirocco at SPLASH exhibition 24th-25th November 2008…

The Sport & Leisure Aviation Show is the UK's biggest indoor show covering the whole spectrum of lightweight sport flying, from simple paraglider canopies to composite microlight's and all with the great emphasis on affordability.

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Dealer Opportunities Available



The manufacture of kits is moving closer, we anticipate full production by the end of the year (2008). There are Dealer opportunities available in some countries, if you would like to add the Sherwood Ranger to your existing product range please contact us at sales@g-tlac.com